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photo by Cathleen Shattuck
pic: Cathleen Shattuck – flickr.com/canopic

Howlin’ Hobbit plays old-skool jazz, hokum, novelty tunes and original songs in those styles on ukulele—and sometimes other instruments—with verve, skill, laughs and fun!

For example, a song co-written with K.W. Todd called Jitterbug Blues… have a listen!

Howlin’ is a veteran of many years busking plus appearances at clubs, festivals, burlesque and cabaret shows and other venues, both solo and with a variety of bands.

Hobbit loves to do House Concerts! (Either solo or with one or more of his talented friends.) If you live in the Puget Sound area and you’d like to host a house concert, drop a line to bookings@howlinhobbit.com and we’ll talk! If you’re wondering, “What the heck is a house concert?”, you can click here to find out.

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