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photo by Cathleen Shattuck

pic: Cathleen Shattuck – flickr.com/canopic

Howlin’ Hobbit plays old-skool jazz, hokum, novelty tunes and original songs in those styles on ukulele—and sometimes other instruments—with verve, skill, laughs and fun!

For example, a song co-written with K.W. Todd called Jitterbug Blues… have a listen!

Jitterbug Blues Play


Howlin’ is a veteran of many years busking plus appearances at clubs, festivals, burlesque and cabaret shows and other venues, both solo and with a variety of bands.

and that’s enough of that third person writing voice thing…

What’s here?
Ukulele music and videos, free songsheets and ukulele exercises to download (for fellow enthusiasts) and information on several other musical subjects near and dear to my heart.

You can check out photos (both live and studio shots), find out how to hire me for your event, download an electronic press kit or request a physical copy.

The News section is a blog with updates on the site itself, new videos, fresh show announcements, talks about past gigs and info on other music and musicians I enjoy.

Can I buy a CD or something?
There are CDs available for sale on the Music & Video page. You can also stream or download most of the tunes, in mp3 and other audio formats, including some free ones that are only featured here on the site.

What if I just want to chat?
Always feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you might have on ukulele, the site itself or just about anything else. I also can be found on several social networks, check out the sidebar.

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