Photo shoot

This morning I went for my first solo photo shoot in a long time. There are tons of pics out there where I’m with one band or another, but since I have declared 2011 to be the “Year of the Solo Hobbit Stuff,” this was exciting!

It was just me, a couple of my ukuleles, several fezzes, a borrowed walking stick, an elephant goad, and a small skull. I know that sounds odd but, dear reader, unless this is the very first time you’ve run across me, you’re probably unsurprised.

The lovely Ms Cathleen Shattuck took around 300 (yikes!) shots this morning, ably assisted by her sweetie, the dashing Mr. Acep Hale. She’s going to be going through them over the next couple days, culling them down and running the rest through some computer magic.

Then comes the toughest part for me. Choosing a dozen or so candidates for my initial press kit. I’m thinking I’ll leave the final choice up to you, friends and fans. I’ll be putting them up here for a vote.

Stay tuned!


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