Sneak Peek Of The New Photos

I’ve just put up a sneak preview of a few photos from last Saturday’s shoot by Cathleen Shattuck. I’m currently trying to narrow the field down to ten or a dozen “finalists” and will be posting them for y’all to vote on soon (hopefully within about a week).

I’m very excited about all this, as I’m really wanting to do more solo gigs this year, with special emphasis on house concerts and burlesque shows. (You should be getting a hint at my priorities here.) Since I haven’t had a press kit that was just for me—instead of for a band I was with—for a long time, every step closer is a minor, but thrilling, achievement. If it wasn’t for Ms Cathleen’s generosity, I would never have afforded such excellent photos. (I blow kissies at you, dahlink! Thank you!)

I also want to involve my friends and fans—hey! that probably includes you since you are, after all, reading this!—a lot more in my odd little journey. I hope you’ll take the time to comment on these posts and, of course, vote for your favorite photos.

Credits: As mentioned above, photos by Cathleen Shattuck. Groovy elephant head walking stick courtesy of Acep Hale. Bow Ties by Claudia Kelly. All fezzes (except the faux leopard skin one) by Fez-O-Rama. Leopard skin fez was my very first one and was a gift from my sweetie (from Archie McPhee’s parent company), and she made me the matching leopard skin tie. (Yeah, baby! It’s silk!) Ukulele by Mainland Ukuleles.

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