House concert tour?

For a variety of reasons I’d like to do some touring this winter, possibly extending into spring. One of the main reasons is that my primary source of income–that is to say, busking–falls flat during this season. You might have heard the huge thud on January 1st as far away as Europe! I figure if I can tour a bit and arrive home without losing money–i.e. I’m not worried about big pay–I’m at worst no worse off than how the winter usually goes. And, best of all, I’ll have an adventure, break out of the usual rut, and get to actually meet some of you fabulous peeps live and in color!

If you, or anyone you know, lives along the I-5 corridor–or within say… an hour’s drive of it–and are interested in hosting me for a house concert and/or helping me find a gig I’d like to hear from you.

Gigs would include opening up for other acts at “traditional” venues, the aforementioned house concerts, and concerts/seminars at ukulele clubs.

If you’d like further details, send an email to, or pass this email address on to a friend who might like to participate. Please note that simply indicating interest in the details does not volunteer you for anything! Nor will you or your friends be snuck onto any mailing list.

(Of course, you’re always welcome to opt-in to my mailing list!)

If I get enough interest, even for a smallish tour, I’ll jump on it!

Please drop me a line and let’s get this thing off the ground!

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4 thoughts on “House concert tour?

    1. HH Post author

      thanks, Smitty, but I’m going to stick to the left coast for this first experiment. (it’s scary enough as it is!)


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