One week left

The “Fans Only” section of my site, usually reserved for people who’ve signed up on my mailing list, is currently open to the public (i.e. no password needed). But this will end at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, on the 18th.

I opened it up—briefly—because of Black March, which is a month where you’re encouraged to buy nothing from the major labels and, in fact, you shouldn’t even download one of their tunes, legally or not. Instead you’re invited to support the indie musicians (somewhat like me).

This means that there’s only one week left for the rest of y’all to check out a sample of what goes on in the Fans Only section and get a chance to download my new album, Standards Issue, containing a baker’s dozen jazz standards on solo ukulele and voice, for the mere pittance of… well, pay what you think it’s worth. Or you could order a physical copy for only $10 plus a bit for shipping/handling.

Check out the section soon. Maybe you’ll buy my music. Maybe you’ll even decide to sign up to receive my newsletter, Hobbit Howls so you can continue to watch the selection of fans only stuff grow (like the Lost Videos or some very limited recordings or…). Or maybe you’ll just download the music for free and share it with friends.

I like all of those options.

And be sure to let me know what you think of the tunes. I loves me some feedback.

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