New video with special guest

I’ve just uploaded a video of a recently finished original tune, Good Golly! (the Porno Popup Song). It’s an example of “what to do when your band rehearsal gets cancelled.”

There was supposed to be a Snake Suspenderz rehearsal today but, alas, salamandir the tubist was feeling poorly and we had to call it off. However, by that time Sketch the drummer was most of the way to my place to pick me up.

What to do? Well…

We drove back to Sketch’s place, swapped his drums for his doghouse bass–I just loves working with these multi-talented folk!–and came back to my place to shoot a video.

After the appropriate amount of futzing about with the cameras, lighting and audio gear and with a few rehearsals and only 5 takes, we got a video recorded.

And here it is:

Good Golly (the Porno Popup Song)

The songsheet for this is already up on the Free Uke Songsheets page.

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