Site is slowly changing

I had an unpleasant surprise a few days ago when I discovered an email from WordPress explaining how they’d upgraded my install. Without my permission.

And yep. It hosed up my site something fierce.

On a positive note, it corrected the problem I was having with the little mp3 player I’ve been using. Plus, I have been muttering to myself for some time about how my home site could do with some work.

So if you’re returning here from a previous visit, you might notice that the whole look of the site is cleaner and easier to read. And I have a better pic of me on the front page.

I also have cleaned up the Bio page, changing its picture too, as well as bringing the text there somewhat closer to recent reality. (And did I really have that horrid typo all this time? Apparently so.)

I have a list of other smallish changes scheduled for the future. You can subscribe to this news section (or just keep on visiting) to keep up with them.

Oh yeah. That’s another thing. The rss feed for my news section seems to be working again, at least in Feedly, the aggregator I use.

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

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