Busking And Hugs

Yesterday Hobbit & Hare once again took our usual place on the bridge in the Pike Place Market and, despite the heat and humidity, managed to churn out 3 sets of music. The first two were fine, both crossing our minimum threshold for a “good hat”, but the third one just busted out all over.

For one thing, a nice lady was returning to Australia and took a video of us for her son-in-law, assuring us that he was a musician and would just love us. She left a $20 bill in the tip jar. Yeah! But before that

We had a good crowd hanging around that included a young couple (early to mid-twenties I’d say), and a small group of little old ladies, all dressed up for their big day on the town. They all stayed around for several tunes, tipped, and also decided to leave at about the same time. The young gal stopped in front of us and said some very complimentary things (bless her little cotton socks!). She then asked if she could hug me.

I said, “if you don’t mind hugging sweaty old men, sure!” She laughed and hugged me. Meanwhile…

One of the little old ladies apparently overheard this and she turns around and says, “oh, me too, please!” So she hugs me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. She thought I was just the cutest thing. No, I’m not a mind reader, she said so.

I would have been just as happy without the muggy heat, but I’ll take lots more days with fat hats, hugs and smoochies.

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