Pics From The Stables Gig

These pictures were taken back on October 22nd during the Georgetown Haunted History ToursSnake Suspenderz played both nights of the event, which is hosted at the The Stables in Georgetown. All photos on this page courtesy of Espresso Buzz Photography.

the mighty Snakez (l to r) salamandir, Hobbit, Sketch, Thadd

This was the first Snakez gig where we used my fancy sound system and I learned a lot of new things about it. The room is small enough that I only had to use one of my speakers as “house,” which allowed me to turn the other on its side and use it as a monitor. (Handy, but I really need to get actual monitor speakers in a smaller size. Especially when playing on a small stage!)

mixer/amp just to the left of Hobbit. “monitor” speaker in lower left corner.

All that aside, I’d never used the monitor channel feature before and it was cool figuring out how to put a different mix in the monitor (for the band) than I did for the house speaker. The mixer has a built-in selection of digital effects and when I fired it up it was set to #10 – Small Room Reverb. So I also sussed out how to add a bit of reverb to the house side without also adding it to the monitor mix. Both busses (house and monitor) have their own graphic EQ. We were getting a bit of that “pre-feedback ring” and, thanks to Thadd, I now know that cutting back on the 1k band often solves that.

It was a great gig with a terrific audience and I learned things. Can’t ask for much more than that…

Sketch, all lit up and looking artsy

… except maybe an artsy shot of Sketch, illuminated by his string-o-drum-lights.

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