The New “Workstation”

iOS and Android, happily sharing a keyboad
iOS and Android, happily sharing a keyboad

My little brother just passed on our mom’s old iPad2 to me. After spending about $35 on it, most of that for the power cord but also about $7.50 on software, I now have a portable way to make videos.

The “workstation” is said iPad plus my older Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Both of them are hooked up via Bluetooth to the Logitech keyboard. The rotary switch on the upper left of the keyboard allows me to switch back and forth between the two devices as needed. Mainly I was using the Samsung to search up “how tos” on iMovie, so that I could have the instructions on the Samsung’s screen and iMovie on the iPad’s screen simultaneously.

(The old science fiction geek in me is tickled fairly pink by having so much computing power in such a small space.)

I’ve mostly used an old version of iMovie on a rather elderly Mac G3 to produce my videos. I’ve experimented with a number of apps on both Android and Linux, trying to get rid of the G3 because it takes up a lot of space in my small room, but have only had limited success. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with the G3, it’s just that it’s eating space and I only do videos on it.

The version of iMovie for the iPad/iPhone does more of what I want than the version on the G3. It also does it easier. It’s not without it’s glitches, but I’m learning quickly.

It is my extreme hope that this will mean I can turn out more videos on a more frequent basis. Wish me luck!

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