More Tech Tsuris

After all the hoorah I just went through to get my site up and running it turns out that the little Publicize bit doesn’t work anymore. It’s supposed to automatically post to my Facebook and Google+ fan pages as well as a brief blurb on Twitter. It saves saved me oodles of time.

But I think I’ve figured out a workaround, and this post is the test of it.

Push the button, Frank.

3 thoughts on “More Tech Tsuris”

  1. Check with the local high schools and colleges for young hungry programmers to help you out. They may do it for a small fee or just do it to round out their portfolio with a big star client. Maybe do a show for the school for a year’s maintenance.

    Many of them are ‘aces’ on the computer like you are on uke. The things that drive you crazy, they say ” Oh, just check this button and reload”. The problems that take all your time brain cells are easy for them!

    1. I’m somewhat of a geek myself. I did product support and then QA at Microsoft followed by a couple years programming for a small startup. I’ve done all the settings checks, this is something broken somewhere.

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