1/2 step chord slides

Here’s a good “cheap trick” to add another arrow to your quiver. You can often gussy up an arrangement by judicious use of the 1/2 step chord slide. This trick is especially good when you have a song that hangs out on the same chord for a while.

To do this you simply form your chord shape one fret down (towards the nut) from the chord called for by the song, strum it, slide up into the song’s chord and continue strumming. Sometimes alternating between the two chords, giving each chord a strum or two, sounds good as well.

In certain instances forming the chord a one fret up (towards the bridge) and sliding down works as well.

This works best with barre chords and other chord shapes where all four strings are fingered but there are certain open chords that sound ok with it too.

Experiment a bit and you’ll find ’em!

(Note: This was originally published on July 2, 2007 as part of my “bi-weekly uke tips.”)

One thought on “1/2 step chord slides”

  1. Like the music and the songs. It is helping me keep my heart light and fingers loose due to lupus which affects hand among other things. Thank you!

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