Peanut Envy

Peanut Envy… A Couple O’ Jazz Nuts!

Attention Please:

Since I have had to move to Kalamazoo for the foreseeable future, Peanut Envy is on indefinite hiatus. And boy do I miss playing with sal!

Peanut Envy is:

  • Howlin’ Hobbit on ukulele and vocals
  • salamandir on tuba

Peanut Envy plays jazz standards from the Great American Songbook as well as novelty tunes, original songs, and a few things that are simply odd, but we like them!

Peanut Envy is the resurrection of the first band salamandir and Hobbit ever played together in. It started out about 25 years ago as a trio (and may well appear that way again). Originally it was Howlin’ on guitar, vocals, and harmonica; salamandir on trombone; with drumming by Mal or Gunnar (who was first is lost in time and failing memory), using brushes on a cardboard box with several sheets of newspaper stretched over one side, anchored down with rubber bands. There was one paid gig in their storied past. But lots of fun rehearsals!

As a sample of our work, here’s the first ever official Peanut Envy video.

And here’s one from 2012 (before we decided to revive Peanut Envy). It’s a Howlin’ Hobbit original!

You can use the contact form for any questions you may have, or just email directly to

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