Hobbit & Hare’s HIT SINGLE!

Sadly, Sketch passed away, so the album won’t be finished. I still have 9 of the 75 signed and numbered mini CDs left. Contact me if you’re interested in one.

Sketch and I (aka Hobbit & Hare) are working on a CD. To help finance the project, we’ve recorded a single. It’s a song I wrote called Keepin’ Up With My Jones and a real oldie called Sheik Of Araby. Bandcamp says it’s an “album” because it has more than one song on it but we’re such old geezers we remember buying singles on 45 rpm vinyl with an “A side” and a “B side” song on them.

(Also, we know it’s the moral equivalent of a “dad joke” but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to announce our “hit single” was for sale.)

Every dollar received from sales of this single will go towards studio time, providing a small honorarium to the wonderful guest artists we’re bringing in, and duplication costs for the “full size” CD itself.

You can download it from Bandcamp for a donation of $2 or more. Give it a test spin here.

If you sign up for a (free!) Bandcamp “music fan” account, you’ll be entitled to unlimited streaming for anything you’ve gotten from any artist on Bandcamp, not just us.

We’ve also made a limited edition run of mini CDs (75 of them, hand numbered and autographed). One can be yours for a donation of $5 or more, plus shipping.

mini CD w/front and back of packaging

Each CD comes packaged with a download code so that you can take advantage of the free, unlimited streaming for our CD or anything else you get from any artist on Bandcamp.

These CDs will play on any tray-fed CD player (like the ones in most computers). They’re supposed to also work with the slot-fed players (like the ones in a car stereo system) but I have no way to test this. (I could use my sweetie’s car CD player, but if it got stuck I don’t think I can lift the car up and shake it loose. And she’d be so miffed with me!)

Since this is a limited edition and I don’t have any clever software nor “operators standing by” updating this page to indicate remaining stock from both online orders and sales while I’m out playing live, I’m not putting a “buy it now” button on the page. If you’re interested in getting one please:

  1. Send an email to hitsingle@howlinhobbit.com with ‘mini CD offer’ in the subject line.
  2. In the body of the message, let me know if you’re a U.S. resident. If you’re not a U.S. resident, please put your city and country. (Because postage varies wildly between countries.)

I’ll write each of you back, in the order I received your emails, with either a payment link or to let you know they’re sold out. I can only reserve your number for 24 hours, so please PayPal promptly.

(I will edit this page once the CDs sell out to reflect that situation.)

Thanks for being a patron of the arts!

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