Learn a little music theory

One thing that will help you get better and playing your uke is learning a little bit of music theory. You don’t have to be able to critique the construction of a symphony, just enough to be able to transpose a song into a more comfortable key for you, communicate with fellow musicians when playing together and other things of that level.

Knowing just a bit of theory will help you write your own tunes, should you take a mind to do so.

There are plenty of online tutorials as well as the materials at your local library.

I have written a Cheater Theory doc (it’s in pdf format and you can download it here at no charge, but do feel free to drop something in my tip bucket if you find it helpful). It contains what I consider to be the necessary bits and some tricks to learning them. They’re not hard to tackle at all.

Learn a little theory!

(Note: This was originally published on May 21, 2007 as part of my “bi-weekly uke tips.”)

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