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My new EP, Taking The Plunge, is here! Listen (for freesies!) or download/order a physical copy. The downloads are “name your own price” because I’ve finally decided to walk the talk.

If you download the EP an expanded liner notes .pdf file will be included. For those who buy the disc, you can right click and save the file.

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If you’re from the U.S. or Canada, you can click on the PayPal button to order and pay for the CD via your credit card. It’s only $5.00 plus a $1.50 shipping charge. Please note that the seller will appear as “Howlin’ Hobbit Dot Com”.

Buy Now!

For my friends in other lands, I apologize… but the post offices of our nations have conspired to make shipping a LOT more expensive and I have to charge you $3.00 to ship it. If you’re just planning on ripping it for your iPod or other mp3 player your best bet is to order from the BandCamp link above. And it’s cheaper too!

Have a listen to my first CD!
You can also check out my first CD, Busker’s Bonus. Listening is free, you can choose to buy if you like it!

Busker’s Bonus is no longer available on Disc

But you can still download it for “pay what you want!”

Free MP3 Downloads

Right-click the link to save it or click on the widget below each song to listen to the stream.

For An Old Man — the audio from the video (below) of a song written by my friend Jim “The Emergency Folksinger” Nason.

For An Old Man Play

Moonglow — I recorded this back in 2006. It’s only a 128 kbps file, unlike my recent ones, but it’s not bad for all that.

Moonglow Play

King Of The Road — another one from back in ’06. I got all fancy here and multi-tracked myself playing two different ukuleles, washboard and vocals. Also featuring my first attempt at a MIDI part for the “tuba.”

King Of The Road Play