My Personal Fantasy™

I often make mentions in my posts about my personal fantasy™ and I keep telling myself that, rather than describe it over and over, I should just make a “static page” that describes it and point to the link.

This, if you haven’t guessed, is that very page.

In my personal fantasy™ I’m actually not living in the Puget Sound area of Washington, USA in the early years of the XXIst century, oh no! I’m living in what has become known as the Weimar era, that period of years between WWI and WWII. I’m splitting my time between Paris and Berlin, hanging about with nothing but artists, musicians, writers, strippers, sinners, saints and other louche and degenerate folk.

We spend our time in smoky cabarets and dingy little flats, making music, art and conversation (and you know, probably fornicating and stuff)… sipping wine, smoking herbs and spending an inordinate amount of time stopping to smell the roses.

Ah, bliss!

Whenever my real life intersects with the personal fantasy™, I’m happy.

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