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At last you can get your Jazzed Desserts!

After much fumbling about and a truly hideous number of hours editing, I’ve finally put together a show based on an idea I got from Fran Snyder of ConcertsInYourHome.com.

They’re essentially a “mini house concert.” A brief gathering of friends for food, conversation and live music in an intimate and approachable setting. They’re easy and inexpensive to host. They’re strictly acoustic so you won’t upset the neighbors. (But you should invite them, they’re a great way to strengthen existing friendships and forge new ones.)

I’m available solo for these shows and with my duo, Hobbit & Hare. Currently we’re limiting this to the greater Seattle area, but we could be convinced to roam a bit farther in the future.

Find out all the details here.

Not quite ripe yet

This past Sunday I decided, since I was going out solo anyway, and it was promising to be a beautiful day*, I’d risk checking out the Ballard Sunday Market for the first time this year. That was a bit of a mistake.

I worked two and a half hours for a total hat that was like one pretty good hour.

I’m not sure if this reflects:
a) too early in the season (aka not quite ripe yet) or
b) 4/15 shock, since it was only 5 days after tax day… or
c) all of the above

Now, in case you’re reading this and thinking, “awww, poor Hobbit!” please bear in mind that the Canote Brothers were there and listening to and/or chatting with them is always a treat. I got to do both.

Also, as I was leaving I stopped to chat with my favorite trolls** at the Wilson Fish booth and they gifted me with a $20 slab of their awesome smoked salmon.

I may not have legions of fans, but the ones I have (like, for instance, you, gentle reader) are fabulous!

So I prefer to think that Sunday was an experience, not a tragedy.

*beautiful, sunny days, unless they get too hot, are notorious wallet looseners
**check out their link to find out why I call the Wilson folk “trolls”

Howlin’ Hobbit with Cirque en DeRoute

Howlin' Hobbit with Cirque en DeRoute

Howlin’ Hobbit with Cirque en DeRoute backstage at the 2015 Moisture Festival. l to r: Jonah, Faeble, HH, Laurie.

See, if you hadn’t wasted all that time and money on that silly engineering degree (or whatever), and instead worked on your ukulele chops, you too could be hanging around with talented and beautiful people like these three.

Company Cirque en DeRoute are hilarious clowns and daring acrobats. Snake Suspenderz happily played Midnight In Moscow as the background music for their act at this year’s Moisture Festival. We love doing that sort of thing and I’m pretty sure they liked having a live band rather than a recorded track.

At the time of this writing there’s still one week of shows left for this year’s Fest. I don’t know how many are sold out already, but you should jump on the chance to go, especially if you’ve never been before!

Moisture Festival 2015 – 1st night


(The picture is the bandana from this year’s swag and my rockstar laminate. All access, baby!)

Wednesday night was the first of a 5 night run for Snake Suspenderz as the house band for Moisture Festival 2015. This is the 2nd week of the 4 that the Fest runs.

The Moisture Festival is in 2 “tracks” at 3 different venues this year. We’re playing in the comedy/varietè track, which is at Hale’s Palladium.

I’d point out the highlights of the show, but they’re all excellent, so I’m just going to list them. Wouldn’t want to miss someone!

Bill Robison was the emcee. He’s one of a rotating group of emcees, each keeping things running smoothly, doing their own bits while the stage ninjas set up the next act, and adding their own stamp and style to the shows.

Cirque en Déroute are a trio of clowns who mix in other skills including some scary acrobatics.

Dan Holzman is a very funny man who also juggles, managing to avoid the usual cliche tricks.

Incredible Incredible are simply – yes… I’ll say it – incredible. The bit where one of them flips a fork in the air off his shoe so that it sticks in the apple he’s holding in his mouth is worth the price of admission. Yes, you read that last sentence right.

The Kamikaze FireFlies are barking mad, but in the nicest way. What else could you say about an act that gets a volunteer onstage so one of them can stand on his shoulders and juggle?

Shayna Swanson is an aerialist and also does an amazing (and funny) routine on the Cyr Wheel, something I’ve never seen before.

Stoil & Ekaterina are the kind of magic act you see in Las Vegas or on a cruise ship. Polished, professional, colorful, and definitely high energy.

Uncle Bonsai is a Seattle treasure. If you have never heard them, rectify that situation at once! You know how to google.

The Rhino and the Shriners


the Accidental Rhino logo Sketch surprised us with at the Shriner Show on 2-14-2015

On February 14, 2015 Accidental Rhino played at the Al Kader Shrine Center in Wilsonville, OR. When Sketch unpacked his drums he surprised us all with the Rhino logo he’d made for the front of his kickdrum. If you look in the lower left (you can click or tap on these pics to enlarge them) you’ll see a “ghost image” of a little skull. I took that pic and didn’t notice the skull until I’d gotten home and opened the pic on my main computer. It’s on the front of the Fez-O-Rama fez that Carey is wearing in the next two photos.


Accidental Rhino onstage at the Al Kader Shrine Center in Wilsonville, OR on February 14, 2015

Between salamandir and I we supplied everyone with fezzes. The Shriners loved it. Pictured above is this iteration of Accidental Rhino (l to r): salamandir, me, Sketch, Carey Rayburn. Pity there’s no video, because the Shriner symbol behind us is covered with thousands of little LEDs embedded in its surface. They cycled through all different colors in random patterns, making quite the psychedelic light show behind us.


Accidental Rhino with the Illustrious Sir Tom Bland, Potentate of the Al Kader Shriners, on February 14, 2015

Here we are in the same order as above, but in the middle is Tom Bland, current Potentate of the Al Kader Shrine. Tom and his wife were visiting Seattle 2 years ago and saw me busking. He took one of my cards and told me he’d be in touch when his turn came around. By golly, he did!

We had a great time and it was the longest road trip the Rhino has ever done. We got a lot of nice feedback from the folks there and we’d love to do something like it again, maybe adding a few more shows and doing a small tour!