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At last you can get your Jazzed Desserts!

After much fumbling about and a truly hideous number of hours editing, I’ve finally put together a show based on an idea I got from Fran Snyder of ConcertsInYourHome.com.

They’re essentially a “mini house concert.” A brief gathering of friends for food, conversation and live music in an intimate and approachable setting. They’re easy and inexpensive to host. They’re strictly acoustic so you won’t upset the neighbors. (But you should invite them, they’re a great way to strengthen existing friendships and forge new ones.)

I’m available solo for these shows and with my duo, Hobbit & Hare. Currently we’re limiting this to the greater Seattle area, but we could be convinced to roam a bit farther in the future.

Find out all the details here.

another test

OK.I believe I’ve gotten the problem fixed and I’m now able to post here from my tablet. This, in theory anyway, will allow me to get back into more frequent posting since I’ll be able to do so from nearly anyplace.

So, for instance, instead of sitting around twiddling my thumbs between sets at Pike Place Market, I should be able to actually do something productive.

Time will tell. Push the button, Frank.

a little test

Don’t get excited. I’m just testing the WordPress android app on my tablet.

If (I say if) it works, I’m hoping that I can be a bit more regular with the posts.

(edit: my old tablet died and I tried to get the new one working with the WP app with no joy whatsoever. now I’m just seeing if it’s possible to do this via the browser.)

Street amp

Street AmpThis is a “street amp” I bought yesterday from my friend Thadd. He’s just upgraded to a Roland Cube.

(Click the pic to embigify it.)

You can plug in an instrument and a microphone. It runs on 8 D cell batteries or a wall wart. It’s just under 15″ square and a bit over 8″ deep. It weighs in, fully loaded with batteries, at 15 pounds. I tested it and it can get really loud even before you turn it all the way up.

My plan is to buy one of those cheap, folding luggage carts and bungee cording the amp, a mike and stand, and my “electric” ukulele to it.

On those days that I get a ride to Pike Place Market — as opposed to taking the bus — I’ll pack both my acoustic and amplified busking kits in the car. I could then play an early acoustic set at the Market and, while I’m waiting the 2 or 3 hours for my next set, I could wheel the amplified kit to one of the downtown busking spots and maybe make a bit more filthy lucre. I’d be doing something like that already except the downtown busking spots are stupid loud and I don’t feel terribly sanguine about pounding the shit out of either my uke or my voice.

I’m sure there will be other uses for it — as a “for instance” it could be used as a “powered monitor” for my new sound system… at least until I can afford actual monitors and their cords — but right now I’m just happy to have this option open up for me.

Site is slowly changing

I had an unpleasant surprise a few days ago when I discovered an email from WordPress explaining how they’d upgraded my install. Without my permission.

And yep. It hosed up my site something fierce.

On a positive note, it corrected the problem I was having with the little mp3 player I’ve been using. Plus, I have been muttering to myself for some time about how my home site could do with some work.

So if you’re returning here from a previous visit, you might notice that the whole look of the site is cleaner and easier to read. And I have a better pic of me on the front page.

I also have cleaned up the Bio page, changing its picture too, as well as bringing the text there somewhat closer to recent reality. (And did I really have that horrid typo all this time? Apparently so.)

I have a list of other smallish changes scheduled for the future. You can subscribe to this news section (or just keep on visiting) to keep up with them.

Oh yeah. That’s another thing. The rss feed for my news section seems to be working again, at least in Feedly, the aggregator I use.

Thanks for your patience and continued support!