The first photo gallery!

I spent way too much time researching, installing, un-installing and then, finally, finding the right plug-in to do nice slideshows on my Photos page. Then I spent another couple hours tweaking, changing, grumbling, changing again until at last I have something working!

Oh huzzah!

Only one gallery so far, but there’s more to come. Please do check it out and let me know in the comments whether or not it’s working for you.

(Now on to the next needed bit for the site. I’ll get it flying yet!)

Slowly coming together…

After managing to break my WordPress install so that this version of the site was invisible over the weekend, things are finally coming together, albeit slowly.

The valiant efforts of the terrific support staff at my hosting provider,, restored usability (and visibility!) to the site and I’ve learned a thing or two about WordPress in the meantime, so it’s beginning to look like what I envisioned.

Hang with me, folks! I’ll get there!

Meanwhile… gotta get out and busk a little before the day ages much more.

Welcome to the new Howlin’ Hobbit site!

This has been in the planning stages for way too long. And since I upgraded to PHP 5 on my hosting service, breaking several bits of the old site in the process, this seemed to be a good time to change things around!

I’m now happily running the whole site with WordPress. This is going to make much of my life a lot easier… at least, once I’m caught up. I’ll be working on it a lot more tomorrow but, as of tonight (March 25, 2011), this is very much a work in progress. Several of the pages are empty and others may be re-named, deleted or replaced. Don’t put any links up (except for the base link of until things settle in.

Hope you enjoy the new look and—eventually—all the new content.

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