Snake Suspenderz Needs A Drummer!

About The Mighty Snakez

Before we get into the details, a little bit about the band. Here’s the blurb that gets used in the Moisture Festival program:
Snake Suspenderz, a quartet featuring vocals, ukulele, trombone, guitar, tuba and drums, call their music “cartoon jazz.” They play a relentlessly quirky blend of novelty songs and hits of the 1920’s and 30’s, with a generous helping of original tunes written in those styles. By turns snarky, sentimental and exuberant, Snake Suspenderz brings wildly entertaining musical fun for the whole family and then some, in keeping with their motto, “hot jass, hokum and novelty music —with a bite!”
To get a better idea of what we’re about you can stream our last CD, Serpentine–for free!–by clicking the link. We don’t perform all of the songs on the CD in our live show, but it’ll give you the feel for what we do.

What The Snakez Are Looking For Is A Drummer Who…

  • …is 21 years of age or over. We don’t do a lot of bar gigs, but we do get the occasional one.
  • …has, at the very least, intermediate level drum skills.
  • …is familiar with the jazz idiom.
  • …is comfortable on a small to minimal kit.
  • …is comfortable with brushes as well as sticks.
  • …has a sense of humor.
  • …is cool with more “adult” material. (We’re talking “naughty” tunes from the 30’s here, not filth.)
  • …lives close enough to Seattle that rehearsals aren’t a trial for them.
  • …is reliable.

Extra Points For…

  • …being able to sing. (harmonies and/or lead vocals.)
  • …being “double-handed.” (i.e. playing more than one instrument)
  • …being female. (We’ve been all male, all the time and would like to change up our energy a bit.)
If you’re interested in setting up a try-out, or just have questions this page doesn’t answer, send an email to and someone will get right back to you.

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