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Snake Suspenderz at the Gage Drawing Jam on 12/07/19

Some or all of the mighty Snakez have played the Gage Drawing Jam since before it was Gage Academy of Art. In fact, we found our long-time drummer, Andrew Hare (now, sadly deceased) playing this very gig.

This year we’re going back to our roots, with just Thaddeus and I holding down the fort. Think of it as “Snake Suspenderz Classic and you won’t be too far off.

The Drawing Jam runs from 9am to 6pm, and we’ll be jamming in room 200, where there are live models (of the nude persuasion) for you to sketch. We’ll be on from 1pm til 3pm.

There’s plenty of other choices at the drawing jam, from still lifes to costumed models to working in other mediums despite being called the “drawing” jam.

Stop by and say hi!

New Sound System + Extras!

Snake Suspenderz at Chateau Valley Center assisted living facility – 2/23/2018

The mighty Snakez have played at CVC a number of times. They hire us about twice a year. For a while we’ve been cobbling together a “sound system” that consists of two street amps and a few mikes. It has worked, but not real well.

Last December I had a surprise influx of cash. One of the things I did with it was buy a nice, portable, four channel sound system (a Yamaha StagePas 600i), suitable for use by a duo act like Hobbit & Hare (my most frequently booked act). While we have a wedding gig on the books out in mid-August, until the other day, had no chance to use the sound system “in the wild.”

Since I first bought it I had thought that it would be possible to “squeeze” enough space to hook up a simple quartet. When this recent CVC gig popped up I suggested trying it. So I pulled out a Behringer Eurorack UB1202 mixer that I’d had (and used) for a number of years and added it to the mix.

We plugged the three vocal mikes into the Eurorack and then fed that submix into one of the main channels on the Yamaha. We used two of the other main channels on the Yamaha to plug in my ukulele and Thadd’s guitar. That still left us with one main channel on each unit. Hmmm…

In a room this size we usually don’t have to plug in a mike for the tuba, as it’s pretty loud acoustically. Unfortunately, the sound system jumped the level up enough that Sketch, at the other end of the band from salamandir, was having a bit of trouble hearing said tuba. Oh well. Live and learn.

Because, in the main, it was a great success.

The picture was taken by Todd, the fella in charge of events such as this. They had decided that Mardi Gras was a month long celebration and this was a Mardi Gras party. Unfortunately, the angle of the photograph only takes in the backdrop they put up for us and misses some of the Mardi Gras specific decorations they’d put up.

You’ll only be able to spot one of the speakers from the sound system, over to the right amidst the balloons. The other speaker is just to the left of Sketch and his drums. The main and sub-mixer we used are both so small that they are entirely hidden behind me. That’s a good thing. That’s why I spent the lion’s share of the unexpected cash on the Yamaha.

Happily, it turns out I made the right decision there.

Snake Suspenderz at the Drawing Jam on 12/02/17

Once again the Mighty Snakez will be playing at the Gage Academy of Art’s annual Drawing Jam.

We’ll be entertaining the models and artists in room 200 from 1pm until 2pm but the Jam is an all day event. You should come out and enjoy as much of it as possible.

Snake Suspenderz at the Moisture Festival on 04/08/17

Back for our 6th serving of tasty, moist goodness! (How time does fly!)

Snake Suspenderz
the mighty Snakez, left to right: salamandir, Sketch, Hobbit, Thadd

This year the mighty Snakez will be playing both the 7:30 and the 10:30pm show on April 8th at Hale’s Palladium (the comedy/varieté track) for the 14th annual edition of Seattle’s fabulous Moisture Festival. (Note that the show details below list this as “all ages” and, while that’s true the 10:30 show will often be feistier and a bit more “adult” in nature.)

We love working with the wonderful volunteers, the amazing and talented acts, and for the terrific audiences like you! There’s nothing like the Moisture Festival anywhere else, so even if you can’t make it to one of our shows I highly recommend you make to at least one show during its four week run.

Come up and say hi if you see us there!

Snake Suspenderz at Long Cellars on 04/22/17

the mighty Snakez, left to right: salamandir, Sketch, Hobbit, Thadd

Your Serpents Of Swing, the mighty Snakez, are heading east to Woodinville, WA to play at a grand opening celebration for a brand new winery!

Come join Snake Suspenderz for a terrific party, wine tasting, and a concert of our own peculiar brand of Cartoon Jazz!