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Two In One Month?

First I go almost a year between videos, now I seem to be doubling up.

a still picture from the recording session. this is how we make sure the camera (phone) is all pointed the right direction and stuff.

I wasn’t going to release this video for a few days, just so there’d be a video in February and then this one in March. But as I mention on YouTube, there are still some bumps in the new video making and releasing process. One of them reared its ugly head and suddenly I found that the video had been auto-announced on Twitter prior to me finishing it’s description, tagging, and such. (Gotta go in and fix that setting.)

Oh well. The actual making of the videos is getting easier. Hopefully easier will end up translating into more.

If the embedded video doesn’t work for you, you can watch us performing Jada on YouTube.

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