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Jazz Vespers

Sunday, December 4th found Hobbit & Hare in a beautiful old Baptist church, playing the monthly Seattle Jazz Vespers show. This concert series has been running for 15 years now and has “come up on my radar” a number of times. I just never thought I’d be booked for it.

Hobbit & Hare – photo by Greagoir Pavlos

Yet here’s Sketch and I, happily playing for a truly awesome audience of about 65 or so. They were very attentive and appreciative, even applauding for some of my solos. That was enough to make me all verklempt, I assure you! I don’t know about Sketch, but I sure felt validated!

The concert was in three parts. The first part was each of the three acts doing a short (about 12 minute) set. Then there was a 20 minute break featuring a brief, non-denominational, inspirational message and an offering to help support the concert series. Lastly all three acts came back out and each played an additional 18 minute set. H&H closed each music portion.

A special bonus for us was our friend Greg took the above picture and it’s the absolute best live performance pic of Hobbit & Hare ever. (I snapped the other two pictures in this post with my phone and would like to apologize.)

Dan & Jim – photo by Howlin’ Hobbit

Dan and Jim opened the show. I met Dan Schindler a few years ago at a SUPA meet up and he showed up last year busking at Pike Place Market, where he hooked up with Jim Nason. Dan has an immense repertoire of old jazz and novelty music and he not only sings them beautifully but also has a great stage presence. This goes a long way when busking as well as on more “official” stages. He’s helped me out several times with arrangements for the older tunes.

I’ve known Jim for decades, starting with the Victory Music open mikes in Ruston, WA. For five or so years we played together in the Emerald City Jug Band. Jim was the concert coordinator for this special buskers edition of Seattle Jazz Vespers. In addition to being amazing on the bucket bass and guitar, Jim writes excellent songs. In 2015 he took home his third Grand Tumbleweed Trophy from the songwriting contest at the annual Tumbleweed Music Festival in Richland, WA. That’s 30% of the trophies in their history!

Pretty Shady String Band – photo by Howlin’ Hobbit

The Pretty Shady String Band took the middle position. Annie Ford has been busking at Pike Place Market for about a decade and Greg Paul for around half that time (if my fuzzy memory is behaving).

Annie has several projects going and plays fiddle, washtub bass, and guitar. Her other projects include the Nu Klezmer ArmyCast Iron Maidens, and her own Annie Ford Band.

Greg plays banjo, guitar, and some washboard as well. Both sing and Pretty Shady shows that off with some great harmonies.

And at the end of the evening we all got paid. Cash. In an amount that said they respected musicians and wanted to actually support live music, not just talk like they did.

Heavenly! Just like a dream come true.

Hobbit & Hare at Seattle Jazz Vespers on 12/04/16

Hobbit & Hare are excited to announce we are playing the legendary Seattle Jazz Vespers show at the First Baptist Church on Harvard Ave! This is a once per month secular concert series that has been running for the last 15 years. For this show they’ve decided to feature Seattle buskers so there will be three acts and some tunes from other genres. (Hobbit & Hare will be staying more or less true to our jazzy roots though.)

Also featured are Dan and James. Dan Schindler is a friend and fellow ukulele ace whom I first met via SUPA (the Seattle Ukulele Players Association). James “The Emergency Folk Singer” Nason is an old pal and bandmate from my days in the Emerald City Jug Band. They play some old jazz, some hokum, and novelty tunes from several eras. In addition, their beards are magnificent!

Last, but certainly not least, is Pretty Shady String Band. Annie Ford and Greg Paul play old time, Tin Pan Alley, ragtime, and country blues with vocal harmonies. I’ve been busking at Pike Place Market for 33 years and have seen and heard a lot of buskers. Annie and Greg easily rise to the upper reaches on the “best of” list. You won’t want to miss this performance!

Seattle Jazz Vespers is free and open to the public, no tickets or reservations are needed. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Free parking, family friendly, refreshments after the conclusion of the concert. Come early for best seating.

The artists will each perform one short set and during their break a free-will offering will be taken to support the musicians, followed by a short non-sectarian inspirational message. The performers’ second sets will conclude the two-hour vespers concert.