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The first product of two I’m offering

This is the first, and the second one will be a limited edition. Ain’t that posh?

As you may well have noticed, musicians have been deemed “non-essential” by the powers that be.

(And don’t get me started on that one. The old saw about “never waste a good crisis” is still being practiced by the aforementioned “powers that be.”)

Personally, I believe that music and other artistic endevours are essential. Of course, I might just be biased on this view.

Meanwhile, I’m unable to earn any money. After a while one becomes weary of depending on one’s significant other to support all of one’s expenses. And, no doubt, they grow a bit weary themselves.

Luckily for me I have a former and now current ukulele student who is a “patron of the arts” (not related to Patreon.com) who has paid me (very well, thank you) for lessons in a video and document format. He has kindly agreed that I can sell them on for a lesser price, to help me survive the current crisis.

So, I am currently offering the “Two Fingered Mack” lesson for a mere $15 (or more, if you’re feeling like being a patron of the arts yourself). This is an arrangement of Mack The Knife that I was inspired to create by Sting’s version of the song, which featured a more accurate translation from the German than Bobby Darin’s watered down version, and didn’t have all the ridiculous key changes between each verse, causing you to memorize a whole bunch of chord progressions for just one song. Not to mention being able to sing in all those keys.

You can pay for this two ways. If you have a PayPal account you can use paypal.me/howlinhobbit

If you’re not a PayPal member, you can use this link (and remember, you might need to reset the default amount): https://ko-fi.com/howlinhobbit

Please realize, I’ve not been able to figure out a way to automagically send the file when you pay. I’m living in the United States Eastern Time Zone. The minute I discover the payment, I’ll send you a link to the file.

Lastly, this is a large zip file, containing two separate videos and two documents. It’s about 1/2 a megabyte. It will take a bit to download and you need to download it to a computer/device that has room for that size of a file.

My Sting Moment

On Friday, December 23rd I was at Pike Place Market, having busked a couple sets with Sketch as Hobbit & Hare. Sketch went home when we were done but I stayed around so that I could help my sweetie pull the carts back to the lockers. (Many crafts folk at Pike Place rent locker space to store their product in at night. The lockers are spread through the market, mostly on below ground levels.)

As I was exiting the elevator coming out of the lockers I noticed two young ladies walking by. They were probably late teens or early 20s, and they were immaculately turned out in 1940s style. Anyone who knows me at all well will realize this look is something that makes my little heart go pit-a-pat. So I stood there and had one of those old man experiences. That’s where you stand with a goofy half smile on your face thinking, “Lawsy, she’s lovely!” and then it hits you what a tired, saggy, old man you are and your heart breaks a bit.

But… just as they’re passing the smaller of the two turns and starts coming towards me. At first I’m thinking, “Crap! Was I staring and drooling or something?” and then, “Naw. She probably wants a picture of the mustache.” (This is a pretty common occurrence.) But I was wrong both times.

Instead, she grasps my arm with both hands and says, “I love your voice! I have one of your CDs at home and I listen to it a lot.”

Boom! That was the Sting moment. My knees are quavering a bit and all I could manage to croak out was “Thank you.” But I considered that a victory, because I really would not have been surprised if all I could say was…