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Freddy, Puh-lease!

Freddy the Mailchimp

I use Mailchimp to handle my email list. They’re an awesome company who’s free level is (hopefully just currently) actually more than I need. If my mailing list ever grows to the level where they want payment I’ll be happy to send them my moneys. They make much of the task of running a mailing list very simple.

Except remote editing your newsletter. In fact, lately their web app has been misbehaving on my netbook. The netbook is my one remaining “large” computer and I don’t haul it around much since I got the tablet. The elderly Mac doesn’t count as it doesn’t connect to the internet. And since Mailchimp’s android app has never worked, you can see how that’s slowing down my whole “do all the music biz stuff on the tablet” plan.

So you imagine what a whale oil beef hooked moment it was when, in desperation, I tried opening the web app in the browser on my tablet and found that it works there. OK, you have to switch back to the default keyboard (instead of the spiffy one I bought), and the editing window seems to want you to rotate the tablet to landscape and then back to portrait before it settles into a usable size, but it works.

It just seems to me that it shouldn’t be this difficult.

However, this means I have no excuse not to get the next newsletter(s) out on time. And you can hold me to that.

High Tech vs Music

Many net wonks praise high tech for all the benefits it has given to indie musicians, and lots of times that’s true. Other times it’s more like a drain of energy that should be put into, you know, making music. It shouldn’t be this way, but there you have it.

Two quick examples:
1. I’ve been trying for months now to move all of the “music biz related” computer things I do (social networks, blogging, calendar, etc.) over to my tablet. I spend a lot of time away from home, waiting to play. I’d like to be able to make good use of that time.

This should not only be simple, it should be a done thing by now. But nope. Still can’t do my newsletter from the tablet, despite having the app for it. And it’s one of the big time eaters which leads to it being one of the things I’m worst at keeping up with. Other things are possible, but finicky.

I will say it’s better than when I started, but it’s eaten a big chunk of time just getting to the OK stage.

2. Bugs and upgrades. The former cause things like having to release my most recent video again this morning. This includes traipsing around to all the places I talked about it so I can edit the new link in. Ah! but those places have their own bugs, making me just delete and redo the posts.

Upgrades are all groovy, as long as you don’t mind (or in my case, can afford) buying new hardware on their schedule.

Yep, I’m whining because I just wanna bang on my ukulele all day.

Seriously though, I don’t mind doing the other stuff. It’s part of the brave new music world. But I’ve got to get the ratio of “actual music making” to “other biz chores” to favor the music part a bit whole lots more.

This is only a test

I often have way too much time on my hands when I’m busking at Pike Place Market, waiting for my turn at a given spot, and would love to put that time to good use.

With that in mind I’ve installed the WordPress app on my phone and this is a test of its publishing capabilities.

In other words, nothing to see here, move along!