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A variety of free documents, links, etc. for my fellow ukulele phreaks. (strum on, brothers and sisters!) Some of them can even be used by you unlucky folk who haven’t discovered the joys of our tiny 4-stringed friend.

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Cheater Music Theory

I’ve updated my “Cheater Theory” document. This is a very basic music theory primer on scales, notes, keys and chords to help you along when jamming with other folks, writing your own tunes or just for your own curiosity. The update fixes a couple typos as well as taking some of the more confusing chords out of the “how to make a chord” table and replacing them with more commonly used types. Special thanks go to Curt Sheller for help with the chords section.

I’ve given the new version a different filename but if you’re still confused, the latest version has (v2) next to its title and is dated (at the bottom where I “signed” it) June 10, 2005.

I’d like to thank Thaddeus Spae, Dominic Pieranunzio, Jerrold Connors and Richard Hefner for their invaluable help in preparing this document. Any mistakes in it are mine alone. Remember that the “Cheater Theory” doc is a pdf file so you’ll probably want to save it to your computer rather than have it open in your browser.

Restringing your favorite ukulele?

The nice folks at Ukuleles by Kawika, Inc. have put up this helpful page about it featuring how to tie the knots for your bridge as well has how to attach them to the tuning posts.

Intros and Outros

I guess it’s time to get educational. At the December, 2002 meeting of the Puget Sound Strummers, Charles Forsyth showed a really cool intro and “outro” chord progression for songs in the key of G. I put it into a pdf document and, with Charles’ permission, you can now check it out here.

Ukulele Chord Exercises

Continuing the “educational chord progression” theme, here’s a big document of ukulele exercises. These are six different chord progressions in seven different keys (hmmm… 14 if you count the one selection of relative minor keys) and will help you not only develop your chops but also be a great jamming aid and a not too shabby “cheat sheet” for writing your own tunes.

Ukulele Chord Exercises for Baritone ukes

Many of our baritone friends have been feeling left out of the fun. To help correct this a bit I’ve reproduced the ukulele exercises document, only this time it’s for baritone ukuleles, tuned in the standard DGBE fashion. You can download this baritone chord exercises doc the same way as all the rest.

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